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Celebrating Women's History Month

Posted on March 10 2021

Loyal Hana promises to keep pushing forward by Celebrating Women's Achievements, Raising Awareness Against Bias and Taking Action for Equality.

We accept the challenge! #ChoosetoChallenge

Here are some women that we are proud to highlight - challenging & inspiring others everyday.

Chanelle King
Hometown Island Inspired Jewelry Maker
"I challenge myself to stay positive each day for a better tomorrow."
Rini Frey
Journaling on motherhood, self love, mental health + being a hot mess
"If you can't say anything nice about yourself...practice."
Rachel Nicks
Actor, Trainer + Doula
"Health is wealth. My goal is to empower people to achieve health from inside out by equipping them with education, tools and encouragement."
Sy Yang
Founder of Koko's Nest, Co-Founder of Nook + The Shop at Nook
Re-inventing Life to Fit Just Right

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