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Dad of the Month: Michael Harper

Posted on August 13 2019

Dad of the Month Michael Harper for Loyal Hana August 2019


Name: Michael Harper

Dad to (names and ages): Huck 5, Gigi 3 and Goldie 6 months 

Other half to:  Megan Harper or GirlgonechildinNYC

Day Job:  I run my own business as a controller to small businesses but mainly restaurants.

Side Gig:  Photographer and chef to GirlgonechildinNYC

How have YOU changed since you had kids? What has surprised you, what did you not expect? 

Wait they want me to answer these questions? The biggest surprise is every time I have another kid I worry there won’t be enough love to go around but we end up just making more. 


How has your marriage changed since you had kids? 

Wait I’m married? Haha just kidding. I love my roommate with occasional benefits. It’s changed from careless, joyful romance to teamwork makes the dream work. That’s a good thing because with or without kids the first thing can’t last forever.

What advice would you give to a new father-to-be who is about to go down that road and isn't sure yet what to expect? 

Don’t buy all the things. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me but none of us have extra space. Also "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

What are your newborn long-night father survival tips? 

Hone your ability to make up goofy songs and work on your hip swing game.

Describe your ideal family Saturday:

Morning at Central Park. Afternoon at the ballpark. Let’s go Mets!

We'd love to follow along with you and your family, please include your social media information.

Follow my hot wife over @girlgonechildinnyc


Photo credit Michelle Rose Photography


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