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Mama of the Month: Ang Rogers

Posted on August 03 2020

Ang Rogers
Lead Client Partner, Vice Media Group
Los Angeles, CA


Mom To: (Names and Ages of children/pets)

Grayson "Gray" - 23 Months
Pregnant w/Baby Girl #2 - due December 14th
Furbaby - Sophie, Frenchie


What are you currently excited about either personally or professionally? 

Professionally, I lead west coast client partnerships across the Fashion, Retail and Tech categories at Vice Media Group (with a portfolio that includes brands such as i.D., Garage, Vice, and Refinery29). As you can imagine, it's a tough time to be in ad sales. It's a daily grind but I secretly love the hustle. You work hard for every penny. Personally, my husband and I are expecting another daughter in December. We couldn't be more excited about our growing family. 


As mother's we're forever looking towards other moms for advice, we'd love to hear yours.

Once you become a mother - you literally have ALL the advice. All I want to do is help others embarking on the same journey. Anything I can say to keep someone else from making my rookie mistakes, I'm more than happy to share the wealth. My biggest advice is not to lose your sense of self. You were a fully functioning human being pre baby, likely living your best life. You can (and will) be that person again. After my daughter Gray was born, it took me a full 9 months to even recognize myself in the mirror. Every day, every minute, I thought about her and her needs. At some point, it's a must that you ensure your personal needs are being met and that you're taking care of yourself. Your baby (or babies) will thank you later.


As a working mom, what do you use to help get you through your work day during these uneasy times?

Being a "working mom" has truly taken on new meaning in 2020. As working mother's we've been tasked with the unthinkable, something that requires herculean strength, patience and more stamina then never before. I can't lie, it's taken me awhile to "get through the work day." As a Black mother, the impact of Covid-19 paired with the injustices in the Black community has led to a roller coaster of emotions that has made the days longer. You question everything. As much as you want things to go back to 'normal' - do you really? For my family, and Black Americans I hope there's a new norm and that we pull out of this stronger. I'd equate the first couple months of the stay-at-home orders as pure "Hunger Games" in my home. They were BRUTAL. Both my husband and I work and putting a two year old in front of a TV for longer than 10 seconds is virtually impossible. We've since brought back our nanny who has helped tremendously. Now, I've focused on creating boundaries with work. I have to have a "start" and "end" time. Not going into an office keeps you "always on" and working from 6 AM  - 10 PM isn't sustainable long term. Carving out time to jump on the Peloton or spend quality time with my husband is key to staying sane.


What are you working on improving about yourself as a woman and mother?

The past few months have made me realize that I must ensure that I can compartmentalize everything going on in the world, at work and in my life. As a woman and more importantly as a mother, it's imperative that I block all the noise to ensure the time spent for myself and with my daughter is focused exclusively on the moment. I want my daughter to see her mother work hard. I truly believe it's good for her. But I also want her to see me play hard. Take the time to focus on her and the things we love to do together (she loves to "fake" cook next to me in the kitchen :). Those are the moments that will matter in the long game. I don't want her to look back and feel that she never truly had my full and undivided attention. She is my greatest achievement, the most special gift. She should feel that. Every day.


Learn more & follow along with Ang here:

Angelique Rogers


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