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Meet Hannah McBride

Posted on October 01 2018


Mom To (names and ages): 
Redmond (just turned  3) and Laurie (just turned 1)
Profession: child care provider and piano teacher 
What has been the best part of your personal motherhood journey?
There have been so many beautiful and challenging aspects. I think the thing I am most thankful for is how it has taught me to think of others before myself. I also used to struggle A LOT with self image and insecurity, but because I do not want to pass those struggles on to my boys, i have worked hard to come to terms with those things. It has also taught me the depths of my strength because child birth and pregnancy and postpartum is HARD.
What has been the most challenging part of motherhood? 
Definitely learning patience. I considered myself an easygoing and patient human before having my own kids. And then I was hit with the realization that NOPE! That’s actually not me at all. I STRUGGLE some days to keep my temper and expectations in check. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail spectacularly. It’s a learning curve both to teach myself patience and to have patience with myself when I fall short.

How has motherhood changed you?
In basically every imaginable way. But one big area is how early I get up now—on purpose .  I remember it used to be a struggle to make it to a 9 am cardio class on time (I have always worked after school hours). Now I am typically up by 5:45 so I can have a few hours to myself before the boys get up.

What do you do for "me" time?
I love working out. I drop my kids off in the gym childcare and take the 1-2 hours for myself. I exercise  and then shower and get dressed with NO ONE talking to me through the door. That, and those early mornings where I can get some work done and clean and prepare myself mentally for each day.
What is one piece of advice you would pass onto other moms? 
Join a gym that has child care! It’s literally THE thing I tell every mom. Even if you don’t love working out, it’s just about the cheapest therapy you can get. There are so many affordable options, and it is such a sanity saver especially if you are a part time or full time stay at home mom. And the earlier you get your babies in, the easier it will be for the separation for them. Just be prepared for a lot of colds in the winter...and stock up on elderberry syrup.
My instagram is and I post about the honest struggles and triumphs of motherhood along with style and lifestyle posts!


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