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Meet Lala Daly

Posted on January 10 2018

Mom To:
Snoh Alaïa who just turned 9months

Model, Plant Based Mama, Explorer of the World, almost blogger & future girl boss.

What has been the best part of motherhood? 
All of it, watching Snoh grow, seeing myself as a mother, I never thought I'd want to have kids. Watching my body constantly change to carry, grow, birth, care and feed for my baby. Oh my the list goes on, we as women are the most wonderful creation.  When we enter motherhood we experience life in a form only mothers can understand. Being able to experience motherhood with my older sister and some of my girl friends has been amazing, to feel together each step of the way.

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood? 
Which part isn't challenging? Let's all be honest, this is the reason women are mothers and not men. Biggest challenges you ask?... Well lets start with the beginning of motherhood; Pregnancy! because as they say a woman becomes a mother when she finds out she is pregnant and a man becomes a father when he first holds his baby. That really was an everyday challenge for me, I was one of the lucky ones and threw up for the most part of the first 6 months *Insert sarcastic emoji*.  
The positive to that dreadful experience; I looked like I had supermodel legs, I was literally all belly. Then the real challenge came knocking on my door, LABOR! Wow what an experience, it took everything out of me. I endured twenty five hours of a natural home birth, to know that motherhood was only really about to start. When baby arrives the real motherhood challenges begin; The lack of sleep, the constant worry if your baby is breathing, breastfeeding, keeping your milk supply up, guiding your baby and teaching your baby the right ways or should I say your ways. Each new day is a challenge and every single baby comes with its own challenges. I have a Pisces baby, as an Aquarius mother I'm challenged every day to be more affectionate, more forgiving, more loving, and find my empathy, which is a challenge of my own without adding a baby into the mix. I try my best to embrace all challenges and do the best I can.

You follow a plant based diet, can you tell us a little about that, what inspired you to do so? 
You are correct I do follow a plant based diet.  It'll be four years on February 1st and I LOVE the choice I made. My plant based journey started back in 2011 thru a slow transition of dairy free, to a dairy free pescatarian and then on February 1, 2014 I decided to go fully plant based, removing meat and eggs.  I also decided to say au revoir to soy, gluten and coffee. It honestly started off as a vanity issue, how do I control this acne situation, to being knee deep into health books and google heaven. I had to absorb enough information to be able to give it all up and not look back, no cheat days, no opps-a-daisy just one slice of that New York cheese cake.  I was honestly inspired by me, myself. After initially being inspired by some great vegan blogs and books, I was inspired by the way I felt physically, the way I subconsciously felt, I was inspired by how self motivated I was being. I felt good, from the inside out, I knew I was doing good for the planet and the animals. Not one day after cold turky-ing meat, did I miss it, or crave it. Not even during my pregnancy did I crave meat, fish or dairy. 

Does your daughter follow a plant based diet as well? 
Of course, it wouldn't be very plant based of me to not pass on my knowledge and eating habits. I no longer believe that these food groups are any good for me, so there is absolutely no way I'd let Snoh consume any of the above. She is still breastfeeding and I know people say breastfeeding is not considered in this category, but as the midwives of the world say "Breast is best" all her solid foods are plant based, she loves fruit, strawberries and her current fav sweet potatoes are her go to vegetable. I dealt with years of digestive problems growing up and when I went plant based up until my pregnancy I barely dealt with any stomach issues. When I was young my body was speaking to me, speaking to my mother, but growing up less fortunate meant you were lucky to have dinner on the table so eat it or starve. I aim to teach my daughter all the education she needs, to know about food and guide her to eating a proper plant based diet, so if ever questioned she can speak for herself. Many people question my choices with raising a plant based baby, but at 10 months she's looking healthy and chunky, she's already walking and she's glowing with beauty.

What do you do for "me" time? 
Blimey, me time! haha. The real question is 'IF' I manage to get any 'me' time that day, week or month, it all flies by so fast. When I get me time, I'm usually trying to catch up on sleep. I got tricked into co-sleeping, so sleeping alone is like a day in the spa for me. Actually over Christmas my father treated me to an hour massage, I think that was the best me time I've had the pleasure of enjoying in a few months. My boyfriend is really good, and lets me take or attempt to take naps when we're both home. Other me time bucket list activities include reading my ever growing pile of self help books, laying for hours soaking in the bath and working out, I love a good pilates or yoga class. I actually wish I had more time to float, its a new thing for me, its like being in the bath, sleeping and meditating all at the same time, I live by a great studio called Pause and if they had a baby sitter around the clock, I would be there once a day haha. Me time is something that's very important and one of my goals for this year.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to other moms?
DON'T BE SCARED TO BE YOU! People may not like your ways of motherhood, they may not agree with your opinion or ways of life, but the only person who truly knows what's right is you. Embrace you and be the mother you want to be.

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