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Meet Melissa Wood Tepperberg

Posted on February 01 2019


Mama to: Benjamin age 3 and baby Elanor who just turned 4 months.


We met Melissa 3 years ago in the waiting room of our pediatricians office.  We can tell you 1st hand that the wide smile we see on social media and in Melissa's online workouts is genuine.  She moves with ease and radiates joy.  Melissa is committed to becoming the best version of herself by showing up and being completely present with whatever it is she's doing.  Not sure there is a better commitment we could all make to ourselves. A new Mama of two and loving it, join us while Melissa talks about priorities and why finding small pockets of peace are not optional. 


How have things changed for you since becoming a Mama of two?

I've realized how valuable my time is and if I'm going to put my attention to anything it has to be something I love if it's going to take me away from time with my family. I'm also the most tired I've ever physically felt but my heart has never been so full.

How do you take care of yourself outside of motherhood?

In order for me to be a good mom, I have to prioritize my needs or I won't be able to fully show up for anything. No matter what, I try to do something for myself everyday. For instance, on days like today when I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel (I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, my baby is fussy/teething and hasn't taken a nap's 1:30pm), I find a pocket of peace by meditating while breastfeeding. I wasn't able to get a workout in but having this moment to meditate has literally kept me sane and made such a drastic shift in my mood.


Every mother needs to find balance, what does your village look like?

I'm so grateful to have some help or I couldn't do what I'm doing 100% without it. What's most important for me today is my mental health and incorporating my practices to feel my absolute best.


What are you working on improving about yourself as a woman and mother?  

More than anything, being present in whatever I'm doing in that moment. I'm trying to be more mindful by fulling giving 100% of my energy to whatever it is in front of me at the time whether it's work, family, friends - anything. 


Follow along with Melissa on instagram at @melissawoodhealth and online at

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