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Meet Carolina Gunnarsson

Posted on April 25 2018

Carolina Gunnarsson of FPC, a Prenatal Fitness Revolution

Mom To (names and ages): 
Annalisa (5), Gustav (almost 3), and baby Ragnar (6 weeks).

FPC (Fit Pregnancy Club) studio owner.

We're huge fans of your NYC based prenatal fitness studio FPC, what inspired you to open the 1st brick and mortar gym for new moms?
Thank you! Joanie and I were so tired of being treated like we were handicapped or ill while exercising during our pregnancies. We thought in 2017 there really ought to be in existence a fitness studio that catered specifically to pregnant and postpartum women and so we started one 
​ ​

Your site says you believe that mothers-to-be- and new mothers should train differently? Can you tell us more about these differences?
There are so many shifts happening in our body while we are pregnant or postpartum and we believe in honoring them rather than ignoring them. All our workouts are centered around the core and our pelvic floor and we cue something we call pump & kegel throughout all our classes. When you engage the core and pelvic floor properly you will have a safer pregnancy, easier labor and faster postpartum recovery. There are many misconceptions surrounding prenatal exercise and we are here to give women a safe place to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally. Oh, I can go on and on but perhaps I will stop here?  

What has been the best part of your personal motherhood journey?
Hands down all of the inspiring women I have met along the way. Mothers or women in general are so amazing. I am convinced I would still be working in fashion, being miserable, had I not become a mother. I am also a sucker to all of the unconditional love I receive everyday from my children and the intense love I feel for them.  

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood?
Balance and the struggle to be myself while still being someone's mother. 

How has motherhood changed you?

I would like to believe that I am not as self centered anymore. I have always been a fairly brave person but motherhood has definitely made me take a step back and I try to avoid dangerous situations (no more black diamond downhill skiing for this one). 

What do you do for "me" time?
I workout (FPC postpartum classes only at the moment given my recent​ baby). ​

What is one piece of advice you would pass onto other moms?
Try to be your most confident self and trust your instincts. 

Follow along:
The studio instagram handle is and my personal (and much less interesting) is @carolinagunnarssonfpc Our website is

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