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Mom of the Month: Allie Hiller

Posted on March 11 2021

Allie Hiller
Certified Health Coach and Creator of Healthy Alibi

Mom To:

Mom to David (20 months old) and soon to be baby girl in mid march.


What are you currently excited about either personally or professionally?

I am currently excited personally to be a mom of 2 and give David a sibling. Can't wait to see how they interact and watch them grow up together so close in age. Professionally, I'm excited to continue for Healthy Alibi to continue growing and evolving as I do as a person and a mother. To see how my brand adapts to the new changes and for my postpartum fitness journey to begin!


As mother's, we're forever looking towards other moms for advice, we'd love to hear yours.

My biggest piece of advice for new moms is to learn to roll with the punches and be as relaxed as possible because parenthood can throw you for a loop and our kids take their cues from us! Staying calm and teaching them by example is always my motto.

What are you working on improving about yourself as a woman and mother?

I am always looking to improve my work/life balance. Spending quality time with my family while also being able to balance my professional life is a challenge! As I get older (and wiser) finding ways to balance this is so key.

My top 3 self care rituals are:

1) Nightly bath
2) Make sure to do my skincare routine in both the morning and the night
3) Meditation at least twice a week

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