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Mom of the Month: Rachael Kester

Posted on May 20 2021

Meet our Mom of the Month Rachael Kester

of @sweatandrepeatla // Director of Social Media & Community at bande // Mama-To-Be


Name and Current City

Rachael Kester, Memphis, TN


Your baby is the size of a _________________

My baby is the size of a sweet potato, 20 weeks pregnant


Boy or Girl ?

Since it’s our first child, all we want is a healthy baby, but we were excited to learn that we’ll be having a boy! My in-laws are ecstatic because they have four grandaughters!


Top 3 go-to people for baby info and advice

Putting yourself out there on the internet definitely opens the door for a lot of (somewhat unwanted) advice and critical feedback. The most helpful advice that was shared with me was when someone recommended that I pick three people that trust to get information from. I picked: 

My sister in law who is an MD and pregnant with her third baby. I love that she has both the medical and mom perspective.

My best friend Whitney (@whitneyerd) who is a registered dietician and mom of two. Everything that she does is rooted in science and evidence, so I trust that she’s done the research when she recommends something. I also go to her for any food-related pregnancy questions. She shared a great pdf all about seafood during pregnancy.

My best friend Kara who I’ve known since preschool. She just had her first baby (also a boy!) a few months ago, so everything is fresh in her mind. She’s been great when it comes to what to add to my registry.


What are you reading these days ?

The day I found out I was pregnant, I started and finished the book Expecting Better by Emily Oster. While I don’t I agree with everything she writes, it was certainly helpful to dip my toes into the pregnancy/motherhood space right away. Since then, for pregnancy info I’ve been reading articles on the What to Expect app. I also love the forum with other women who are due in my same month. I will say, sometimes it can get overwhelming and anxiety provoking, so I’ve found that before I go to bed it’s best if I read a novel for fun. I’ve been reading the Paradise series by Elin Hilderbrand. It’s been a perfect source of mindless entertainment.


To vaccine or not to vaccine?

My husband is a neonatologist, and has had patients whose moms have passed away from COVID, so after speaking with other physicians, doing research, and chatting with my own OB, I decided to get the vaccine. I am SO happy that I did. I received my first dose at 13 weeks, and am thankful to feel a lot safer going out in the world. I am hopeful that I’ve also given my baby antibodies!


How are you preparing for baby's arrival?

Relaxing and resting! My husband and I LOVE to sleep in, so I’m enjoying waking up without an alarm on weekends and going to bed early during the week. I’m really trying to bask in the quiet at home, knowing that soon enough our house will never sound the same. Since I’m vaccinated, I’m also indulging in self-care moments. I had my first prenatal massage last week, and am getting my first pedicure since February 2020 this weekend! 


Go to snack ?

During the first trimester, I was extremely nauseas all the time. I would go to Whole Foods and fill my cart with anything that sounded good – 99% carbs! Now that I’m in the second trimester, my food choices have been much improved. Right now, my go to snack is Mush overnight oats and a tropical smoothie. I’ve been loving a blend of coconut flavored yogurt, mango, pineapple, strawberries, spinach, flax, chia, and milk. It tastes exactly like a healthified virgin pina colada!


Favorite prenatal workout?

I am lucky that my role as director of social media and community at bande allows me to take the best virtual fitness classes! During the first trimester, I took Cardio Dance & Sculpt with Andrea Saty. I loved it because it allowed me to move my body and was so much fun. Since I have more energy now, I’ve been adding barre, cardio sculpt, and yoga back into my routine. Before class starts, I make sure to let the instructor know that I am pregnant. They are great about giving adjustments based on how far along I am. This week, I also started our brand new prenatal/postpartum workshop series with Peri Hughes. It is amazing to know that everything in class is not only safe, but effective during pregnancy!


Pregnancy gives you all the feels, how are you feeling right now ?

Definitely a mix of excited and nervous. On one hand, I can’t wait for the baby to arrive, but on another I need more time! I am anxious about how much my life is about to change. I love having full control over my schedule, and I’ll need to let go of all of that. 


You can find Rachael behind @webandetogether and @sweatandrepeatla


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