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Q&A with Alice Callahan Thompson

Posted on March 20 2017

Currently working on: having a baby! 2 weeks to go :) And work-wise, I will be making a brief appearance on
Season 3 of Odd Mom Out (due to the timing of my labor), which will air June. Additionally,
I play a leading role in a feature film entitled Even After Everything expected to premiere later in 2017. 
Mom to:  Timothy, age 2 and soon-to-be baby girl, expected to arrive end of March

What is the best part about motherhood?
When I get a sweet and spontaneous kiss from my wiggly and wiley 2 year-old!  

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?
Right now, the most challenging part is being nine months pregnant and trying to wrangle my toddler (specifically for diaper changing - it's a whole scene!) 

How do you balance work and family?
I try to remember that I go through seasons of imbalance, but that somehow it all evens out. For example, this summer I was working on a film for a month straight in the Hamptons, away from my family. This was really tough, but I knew it was a finite time period. Now, I am not working much at all as I am preparing for the new baby and home with my toddler, which is also super tough (actually even tougher in my opinion haha)! But again, I have to remember this is a finite season as well. It all seems to level out and I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy throwing myself into completely when the timing is right, but also allows me so much time with my family in between projects. "The best of both worlds" sounds cliche, but I am very thankful for my unique career that allows for this ebb and flow of work life and home life. 

Where is your happy place?
Right now, it's sleeping! Haha- in between getting up 5 times a night to use the restroom, I covet the time I'm actually sleeping and recharging. Also, once this baby comes in a few weeks, my "happy place" of deep sleep will become even more of a mythical fantasy! 

What do you do for “me time?” 
Pre-natal yoga has been so helpful for my mind and body! Just having an hour or so dedicated to honoring what your body is going through, restoring achy parts, and connecting with other mamas-to-be has been such a gift. Also I'm a bath person! "Me time" in the bathtub with candles burning and a fruity popsicle, can't beat it! Even if  a certain toddler intrudes...

What is the best piece of advice that someone gave you?
That my marriage relationship is actually the priority over my parent-child relationship. If my relationship with my husband is off, it's a very challenging place to try to parent out of. However, if I am prioritizing and pouring into my spouse (and he to me), I am much more energized and creative when it comes to parenting my son. Additionally, the little ones pick up on the unspoken vibes of those closest to them, so if we are struggling, Timothy is affected. Likewise, when we are communicating well and thriving, Timothy feels the security and his contented behavior shows it (well sometimes.. he is two after all :)

What is one piece of advice you would pass on?
Honestly I will tell anyone who is wanting to become a parent to consider both the biological and adoption route (just maybe not at the same time!) There are so many children in the world (and right here in New York) who are in desperate need of families. If it's someone's desire to parent a child, why not at least consider the honor of adoption? An adopted child is a unique gift, just like a biological child is a unique gift. We chose to adopt our first child because we thought what an honor to get to love and parent a precious person who actually needs a home? We are also very blessed to get to have a biological child as well and are excited for the journey ahead of us. We feel the responsibility and privilege of raising them both to be caring, compassionate, justice-driven individuals who impact the world for the better. My hope and prayer is to see more and more families woven together with both adopted and biological kiddos. After all, love is thicker than blood!  

To learn more about Alice:
Instagram: AliceCallahanHere
SnapChat: AliceCallahanT
Facebook: Alice Callahan Thompson
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3640535/


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