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18 Gifts New Moms Actually Want

Posted on November 18 2020

Article by REFINERY29

I’m going to let you in on an open secret, most of the things a new mom wants for herself actually can’t be bought. For example, as a first-time mom to a nine-month-old, here’s what’s topping my wish list right now: sleep, positive encouragement, more hours in the day, help around the house, and a bigger apartment. While one can’t exactly add any of these things to cart, there are a few that helped me (or just comforted me). Immensely during my first few months postpartum — including stuff that I don’t have but would be thrilled to receive as a gift. (Hint, hint.)

Motherhood is a very personal experience and I don’t want to claim that all of these products are going to work for everyone. But, if there’s a new mom on your holiday list this year and you’re stumped about what’s going to make her happy, you might find a few helpful suggestions ahead. Whether it’s a self-care kit that’s going to help her get through those first few post-birth weeks, a delicate personalized necklace to mark her newly minted “mom” status, or a facial scrub that’s going to help a two-minute shower feel a little less rushed, there’s something for the new mom in your life ahead — and it isn’t more baby stuff.

Loyal Hana Ginger Striped Top

Right now, I’m asking a lot of my clothes. If I can’t nurse or pump in it, sleep in it, gain or lose weight in it, and look cute while wearing it, I’m not interested! Luckily, there are brands like Loyal Hana creating maternity and postpartum wear that’s comfortable, convertible, and most importantly, chic. Any new mom would love a stylish, easy-wearing piece like the brand’s Ginger top, which comes complete with a hidden zipper for easy nursing.


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