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Daily Mom / Black and White Fashion for the Modern Mom

Posted on March 15 2017

Gone are the days of oversized mumu dresses and baggy sweatpants. Maternity fashion has evolved into some of the most desirable, high-quality, and comfortable clothing in the fashion world, giving new modern moms the opportunity to expand upon their personal style… and not just their waistline. While we love bright colors and fun patterns when it comes to accessorizing the bump, there’s something to be said about the timeless beauty and instant touch of chic that a classic black and white color combo has to offer — not to mention an aesthetic that simply doesn’t go out of style. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on maternity fashion, why not choose something that can remain a staple in your closet throughout your pregnancy and beyond?


With pure sophistication, the black and white color combination has become a go-to for modern stylists in an effort to make everyday look fabulous, while easily transitioning to work or date wear with just a touch of lipstick and mascara. If your pregnancy style is seemingly lacking such ease and elegance, Loyal Hana has a number of black and white options in fun, bold prints that will not only become a go-to throughout each trimester, but also beyond (hello adorable nursing options!).


Wanting modern moms to feel confident, stylish, and capable of tackling the world of motherhood whether staying at home or in the workforce, Loyal Hana set out on a mission to give back to those who give so much of themselves (moms!) through their fashionable clothing line. Realizing the need for chic maternity clothing and nursing wear, Loyal Hana dresses women in a way that makes them feel comfortable in not only their changing bodies, but their changing roles as well. We love that Loyal Hana made it a mission to create clothes that flatter our bodies, no matter the size of our ever-growing bumps and breasts.


When it comes to everyday, casual wear, keeping it simple is a must. We want to be able to throw it on without too much maintenance, looking effortless but also styled at the same time, because let’s be real — everything in pregnancy is tiresome. For a quick change from pajamas to day wear, we love the Anya in Arrowhead print sleeveless dress! 

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